Drink Only Pure Water

24101616The state of our health is influenced by many different factors, and it is an active lifestyle, a balanced diet, moderate exercise.

But no small role in this is the water that we use every day.

Doctors recommend daily drinking clean water at least 1.5 liters, but, at the same time, be aware that the water is of varying quality.

For example, tap water, which comes from our city cranes, not suitable for eating raw, because the pipeline is not only a large amount of rust, but also many other impurities harmful for our body.

Now stores sell special water filters, using which, the water is purified, the only thing that is required is to change them at least once in two months. Here you can drink this water in its raw form.

With regard to water, which is sold in stores, the preference should be given not carbonated drinking water. Also, you should be careful with the use of mineral water, because, it is a therapeutic and is not suitable for direct drinking.

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