Eating Nuts We Defend Your Body From Disease

24101617One product that has useful properties, and contains large amounts of amino acids are walnuts, but the most important thing is that they are rich in iodine.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies, as a result of which it became aware that the people who daily eat no less than 4-5 kernels, thereby prolong their lives. Moreover, even if we eat nuts not less than 3 times per week, the risk of the possibility of heart disease and cancer is reduced by half.

Nuts help to normalize the weight and eliminate various toxins from the body, as well as a beneficial effect on brain function.

One of the positive qualities of this product is that it can prevent the disease from diabetes, which in recent years has become increasingly common, not only among the elderly but also young people.

Therefore, as often as possible include in your diet, this gift of nature, and you will notice how your condition will improve, especially because they can be used as a snack.

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