Efficient and tasty diet for weight loss

03101623Many girls can not lose weight because they do not want to limit yourself to food.

Unfortunately, most of us have weight reset process is associated with a complete restriction itself around, as well as with the use of various products and tasteless food. But modern nutritionists point out that this approach is wrong, and carries a number of certain side effects. For this reason, they recommend to choose the right diet to lose weight easily and without any difficulties.

For example, a very good and useful for you to become a diet in which the main products are fruits, cheese and honey. The only condition – you have to limit the consumption of this product in accordance with the recommendations.

During the day you can eat no more than 1 kg of fruit and not more than 300 grams of cottage cheese. Also allows for 3 teaspoons of honey a day. From drinks allowed to drink green tea or coffee without sugar, as well as ordinary purified water.

Diet Duration – 5 days. During this time you can not only improve their own state, but also significantly lose excess weight.

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