Errors in the Protection from the Sun

080920163Everyone in the summer tend to visit the seaside. How do you want rather lie on the beach and listen to the sound of waves. Nothing can be more beautiful. All, without exception, we believe that this is where you can improve your health. However, we should not entertain any illusions. There are many misconceptions when protection from the sun.

1. Immunity. All are confident that sunbathing strengthen the immune system. In this there are true and false. Moderate exposure to the sun helps to strengthen immunity. With regard to excessive sun exposure, it harms the immune system.
2. Solarium. If a woman visits a solarium, it has nothing to do with a healthy tan. Tanning leads to wilting and skin cancer.
3. Vitamin D. To the body was a sufficient amount of vitamin D, the sunshine is enough to spend 15-20 minutes a day.
4. Shadow. It is not necessary to assume that in the shadow of a person tans.
5. Cream. Sunscreen can not 100% protect against UV radiation. In this regard, it is not necessary to spend a whole day on the beach (especially at lunchtime).

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