Errors that Allow Slimming Women

190920163That long-awaited day has arrived. You have taken a firm decision to go on a diet. Every woman wants to be slim and trim for your beloved. However, many women admit many mistakes, which does not help the situation, but on the contrary, worsen it. What kind of mistakes?

1. Failure of the breakfast. Dinner is a must in the morning. If you do not, then after dinner (especially at night), everything will be eaten into a cash amount.
2. Do not drink the water. You can never reduce the amount of water consumed during the diet. This can cause acne on the face, as in the body of toxins will be delayed.
3. Hunger. You can not completely give up food. To eat should be in moderation. It is much wiser to give up sweets and mayonnaise.
4. Sport. Sport should be engaged. Just do not do it every day for 6-8 hours. It is best to moderate load. Two classes per week will be enough.
5. Obsession. You do not need to get hung up on your problem. Once you release it, then everything will work itself out.

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