Errors When Applying Makeup

300520163Every woman often takes the example of public people.

This applies to everything: make-up, hairstyle, dress style. It should be a time to see something on your favorite actress or singer, then as soon as it is necessary to repeat myself. Just a woman it seems that the star is always better to know and will never admit mistakes.

Believe me, this is not the case. We are all human and no one is immune from mistakes. Today analyze what oversight allow the star when applying makeup (we will not name names).

  • Whitewashing and skin. Some powders contain a silica composition. It seems nothing bad at first glance. But do not Comprar Maxi Size Portugal forget that at the outbreak of this component plays a cruel joke. One gets the impression that the person sprinkled with flour or starch.
  • Poor feathering. The skin on the face should always be of the same color. There should not be such that it is near the cheekbones darker than near the chin. Believe me, this will not save the photo is not a photoshop.
  • A lot of foundation. Use decorative cosmetics can only all should be in moderation. There is no need to Koupit Maxi Size Česká republika impose it very much, because it begins to crack on the face, and it looks very ugly.
  • Lip Pencil. Pencil must be properly matched to the color of lipstick. If you can not do it, you refuse to use it or take colorless. Pencil should never be released.
  • Accrued eyelashes. Every woman wants to have long eyelashes. However, that is no reason to increase these webs.

Makeup Should Be Right

Probably, every person, when we can ask a question of such a plan, who in your opinion is a beautiful woman, will think that she must have three components: a beautiful body, attractive appearance and a hairdress, as well as properly selected cosmetics.

And here it is very difficult not to agree. The fact is kupić Maxi Size Polska that if a woman will have a pretty face, but her body will be saturated with cellulite, then it is unlikely she will be able to win the male sex. At the same time, having more expressive sexual indicators, but not having a very nice face, also reduces the chances of loving relationships.

In terms of sex for one night or just partners for sex, then such a woman can satisfy a very large generation of men. But if you add makeup to a pretty face or use it when your appearance is not as expected as you would like, then it can also raise the chances of success.

Modern cosmetologists have learned to create excellent cosmetics, which can make it so that those who previously were considered ugly can have an irresistible appearance. However, there is one big But! The fact that cosmetics need to be able to use. If it is applied too much or breast cream España comprar pick up the wrong tones, then it can spoil your true beauty. Today you can watch how some young girls who are pretty and without makeup will look completely ridiculous if they use extravagant colors. For example, when the shadows are applied in a dark green color, the hair color is colored white, and the lipstick, while it will be bright red. This will lead to the fact that with this person, people around you can just smile.

There is also such an absurd version of the use of mascara. This happens when the girl thinks that her Bust Size Italia eyelashes have insufficient volume or length. She can apply such a make-up that will give her eyelashes a fuller volume, far exceeding the depth of the eyes.

In addition, if the shape of the face is oval rather than circular, it can also turn out that this is not for her appearance.