Evening Biorhythms Can Cause Thirst

21101618Do you ever feel thirsty to drink water just before you go to bed?

Certainly, this situation is the case with many, but few know that the desire in our body is provoked by internal biorhythms. In particular, many scientists assumed that it was for 2 hours before bedtime occurs wants a drink of water, but in fact the body is not in a state of dehydration.

Employees of the research group of McGill University conducted a series of studies to understand the basic construction of the specifics of our biorhythms and get more support as soon as possible. As a result of experiments, it was found that the desire to drink water just before going to bed, is caused due to a defensive reaction of the organism. Given the fact that you can not drink the water at night during sleep, the body tries to protect yourself just in case of dehydration.

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