Every Day, Try to Monitor the Condition of the Skin of Hands

14101616Many women, who have the financial capacity and the desire to look younger, agree to carry out plastic surgery and, with the successful completion of them can be seen as a person younger.

But my hands are almost always give a true age of the woman, because no operative intervention would not be able to rejuvenate them, therefore, necessary to protect their hands from a young age.

To this end, during the wash dishes if you do not use gloves, try to use detergents that prevent dry skin of hands, and the water should not be too hot.

After contact with water it is necessary to lubricate the hand moisturizer, especially now that the stores provide a large variety of them. Also, it is recommended 2 times a week use a scrub for hands. To do this, you can take any cream, add a little sugar, stir and get a lot of hand rub, then rinse with warm water. The desired result will not wait long, because the hands will be soft and velvety.

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