Factors that Accelerate the Aging Process

1209201614After spending a lot of different experiences, specialists in cosmetology found some surprising factors that accelerate the aging process of our body. For example, one such factor is a heating and cooling system in the house. It turns out that heating or air conditioning system causes excessive skin dryness, whereby it starts premature aging problems.

Another unusual factor – it’s a bad manicure. If you frequently use gels for nails, it can also accelerate the aging process. In the process of applying the gel used ultraviolet illuminators, which have a negative effect on the skin and make it drier.

If you do not want to grow old quickly, you also have to give up partying and going to a nightclub. Typically, these events are accompanied by the use of alcoholic beverages, as they usually lead to dehydration. In addition, any alcoholic beverage contains a large amount of sugar, which also has a negative impact on the epidermis.

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