Fast food contributes to weight gain

07101612In our days, when constantly running out of time, even for a full dinner, many people are content to have a snack or take food in a short period of time, having, in a few minutes to eat a few meals.

However, as the researchers note, on food intake needs to be paid not less than half an hour. This is because the fast by eating first and second courses, you feel a little hungry, so eat dessert. The human body is designed so that at fast food the brain does not have time to give a signal that it is time to stop, and the person continues to absorb food, causing it transmits.

During the meal is recommended not to read newspapers, watch television or sit in front of computer, because, carried away, you do not control the number of eaten food.

As a result, fast food person gains extra weight from which later will be difficult to get rid of. In addition, there is load on the work of the stomach, because it is more difficult to process large amounts of food, and poorly chewed.

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