Fast Weight Loss Can be Dangerous to Health

1209201617Most women are constantly dreaming about how to lose weight as quickly as possible. For this reason, they are almost completely cut back your daily diet, use heavy diet or eating a variety of additional tablets. But in fact, very rapid weight loss can be dangerous to your health.

As the researchers write in the UK, when a person loses more than 4% of their body weight in less than 2 weeks, it can negatively affect their mental state and physical abilities. This is especially true of professional athletes who often use dramatic weight loss, to have a better chance to win in the process of preparing for the competition. However, if a person loses more than 4% of initial body weight, it becomes weaker and its results are significantly reduced.

In addition, many people who lose weight rapidly, there is a deterioration of the reaction and thinking. They often increases time to consider specific action. That is why doctors recommend to drop weight gradually, using only organic and natural methods without chemicals.

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