Fasting Day

260920169Very often during the celebrations people overeat. Well, it is difficult at this moment to give up some dishes. I want to try everything at once. At this point, few people think about their shape or form. The revelation comes a day when you stand on the scales. Arrow weight inexorably creeping up, then you need to urgently to take action. So, of course, you need mustache roit fasting day. What you need in this day and you can eat?

So, it is important to give up fried and fatty foods. Meat is also best not to eat. Prefer low-fat varieties of fish. Remember no salads with mayonnaise in this day should not be. Of course it is necessary to abandon the carbonation of beverages. They have a lot of sugar, but it is you to anything.

In the fasting day you need to eat a light meal that is well digested. On this day you need to drink enough water. In the fasting day eat more vegetables, fruits. You can arrange a fasting day, which will include the use of yogurt. Choose the option that the discharge of the day that is acceptable to you.

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