Fatigue at Work

070920161Everyone devotes much of his time to work. Many people after work feel completely overwhelmed. No power no matter what. This applies not only to people who work hard physically, and mentally. However, fatigue can be prevented, if you do the simple rules.

1. For a long seat. It seems that the person does not work physically, but he was still tired. This is due to the fact that the spine while sitting gets twice more load than during walking. A man needs to move. To do this, you must arrange yourself breaks between work. It is advisable to do them every 20 minutes. Moreover, it will be useful to view. You can not sit for hours looking at the computer monitor.
2. Furniture. It is very important to choose the right furniture in the office. Especially, it concerns the chair. Sitting comfortably in it should.
3. Pose. At the table, you need to sit correctly. You can not sit cross-legged, so the spine gets a double load.
4. Computer. The computer must have the correct location relative to eye level.

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