Fatty foods that are beneficial for weight loss

07101619It is believed that the weight dropping to eat only foods with minimal calorie.

However, most modern nutritionists are quite rightly dispute this fact, because in fact in losing weight it is important to strike the right balance of vitamins and a variety of substances in order to achieve a positive result.

For example, there are a large number of products with high fat content, which will be really helpful to girls in the process of losing weight.

For example, avocados. Few people know that the average fat content of the product is about 25-35%. Nevertheless, many experts in nutrition recommend adding avocados to your diet for weight loss.

The same goes for dark chocolate. Recent studies show that dark chocolate can be beneficial for weight loss. Of course, if you eat it all day in huge quantities, no result turn out. However, about 20-30 grams of dark chocolate a day is very beneficial. First of all, they help psychologically to withstand rejection of the Sweets.

Hard cheese can also be helpful in losing weight, but with the proviso that it is not very greasy. Optimal fat content, which will suit you in this case – up to 20%.

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