Feeding of Pregnant

2109201611Every woman should experience the joy of motherhood. This will be the most memorable time of your life. But it is also a crucial time for most mothers. During pregnancy, women should monitor their diet. Now she must think that the nutrients are needed not only to her but to the kid. So, what should be the nutrition of pregnant women?

1. Dairy products. Every day, women should drink milk and dairy products. Only these products are sources of calcium, which is essential to both.
2. Porridge. Best breakfast porridge. It is nutritious and it contains a lot of vitamins.
3. Fruits, vegetables and berries. Always in the diet should be present berries (can be frozen), fruits and vegetables.
4. Meat. Do not forget to eat meat. Now the need for protein increases.
5. Fish. Remember fish contains not only the protein but also iodine. This trace element is essential for the future of the child.

As you can see, you need only to eat healthy foods. It is best not to fry meat or fish and bake in the oven. The same goes for vegetables (eggplant, potatoes).

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