Fighting Cellulite

1908201617Our article will begin with statistics (unfortunately disappointing) – now 85% of women can find cellulite. This figure is shocking, is not it ?! But do not panic and get upset. Now you can remove the orange peel. For it is necessary not so much. However, a woman should have great strength of will and a desire to become more beautiful.

1. Diet and nutrition. It is very important in the fight against cellulite reconsider your diet. Most likely, she has a lot of sweets and mayonnaise. Avoid these foods forever. Sweets can always replace the dried fruit, and mayonnaise – sunflower oil.
2. Procedures and creams. It is very important for a massage and body wraps. These treatments have a positive effect. With regard to all sorts of creams to combat cellulite, then using them is not necessary. They will not help, and can cause harm.
3. Sport movement. Try as much as possible to move. On and from work to go on foot. Be sure to sign up to the gym. Most walk in the evenings. On weekends you can go with your friends on bikes in the forest. In short, the more activity the better.

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