Food that Can Not Be Eaten on an Empty Stomach

At the moment, people do not eat breakfast in the morning or eat not very useful food. In this case, even specialists are at a loss to say what is worse.

So, let’s find out a list of foods that are strictly forbidden to eat on an empty stomach.

1. Yoghurt. Everyone knows that yogurt has tremendous benefits for the stomach. But, if you eat it for breakfast, then there will be no benefit from it. Everything will happen vice versa.
2. Magnesium. Everyone knows that bananas contain magnesium, which is good for the work of the heart. However, if you eat bananas in the morning, then a violation of the magnesium-potassium balance is possible.
3. Oranges. Oranges eaten for breakfast can cause increased gas production in the intestines.
4. Cold drinks. Food should not be cold or hot. In either case, problems can arise. The food should be normal temperature. By the way, cold drinks cause disruption of enzyme production.

As you can see, useful products can also be dangerous. To use the products, they must be consumed at the right time.

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