Food that is Bad for the Kidneys

250920169The kidneys are one of the key organs in our body. They work as a filter and process large amounts of liquid, we get food. However, if one or both of the kidneys begin to malfunction, it directly affects the work of the whole organism. It turns out that there are a number of products, the use of which may adversely affect the state of the internal organ.

Scientists from the University of Dallas came to the conclusion that the regular consumption of meat with various seasonings sharp negative impact on the work of the kidneys. In particular this applies to the southern cuisine dishes, which are composed of many spices and largely served fried.
Also, if you want to have healthy kidneys, you have to give up fatty foods, fast food, smoking and alcohol.

It also negatively affected by such factors as the low mobility and the presence of excess weight in the body. Also, about 10% of people have a congenital kidney problems, which are transmitted by the genetic code.

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