Food & Youth

190920162Many women want to look beautiful even in old age. This is quite normal desire, because no one wants to grow old. In order to be a real beauty, women are ready around the clock to carry out various procedures. However, we should not forget that the body needs replenishment within. To do this in your diet to include foods that prolong youth.

1. Fish. The fish need to eat at least twice a week. With the help of vitamins contained in it, you can slow down the process of skin diligence.
2. Olive oil. With the help of oil can not only cleanse the skin, but also to withdraw toxins from the body. Do not forget to add the oil in shampoo and hand cream.
3. Yogurt. Very useful yogurt that is prepared in the home. Beneficial bacteria improve the intestinal microflora. Due to the natural beneficial bacteria occurs purgation.
4. Green tea. Green tea prevents the aging of cells. With it, you can also bring the body antioxidants.
5. Avocados. Avocado makes the skin more velvety and removes shine.

Proper nutrition – the key to eternal youth!

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