Foods that are Natural Antibiotics

10111613During cold weather your body most exposed to the risk not only of colds, but influenza.

Typically, in such moments, we ask for help from a doctor, who writes for the treatment of a variety of antibiotics. In addition to the fight against microbes, these drugs are harmful not only digestion, but also adversely affects the liver and kidneys.

However, it appears that in some cases cure such ailments can use products containing in its composition of matter that can fight the virus.

These include, for example, refers Echinacea. The healing properties of this plant has no limits, because it is used not only to fight the bacteria, but also in the blood infection, inflammation of the airways, as well as for wound healing.

The usual cabbage due to its composition, which in addition to a large amount of vitamin C available sulfur, which is opposed to cancer.

The benefits of this vegetable, like garlic, known to all, even to children. Despite his peculiar smell daily consumption of 1-2 cloves of garlic, not only boosts immunity and protects against inflammatory processes, but also improves the performance of almost all human organs.

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