Foods That Do Not Leave the Next Day

25101613Some housewives, in order not to hold the plate in a lot of time trying to prepare at one time a large amount of food, which is then stored in the refrigerator.

However, this is not the right approach, because there are certain types of foods that are recommended to be used on the day of preparation.

These products include rice, because a large number of amino acids contained in its composition has a harmful bacteria that are in the process of digestion, are destroyed, and the person does not cause any harm, only good, because in it. However, leaving the pre-cooked rice in storage, even in the refrigerator, all the harmful microbes in it renewed, and, they become larger than they were in the raw rice. Eating a rice, a person may experience an upset stomach, accompanied by colitis.

With regard to vegetable oil, its long heating is not recommended, not to mention the fact to use it again for cooking.

Also, it is not recommended for future use chopped vegetables, of which we used to cook a variety of salads. If you do not calculate the amount of vegetables, and they stayed with you in sliced form, it is better to freeze them.

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