Foods that Should be Present in the Daily Diet

0711617From what diet we make on a daily basis, largely depends on our health.

Because there are foods that should be completely excluded from use. These include, for example, margarine, in which no nutrients, and palm oil used in its manufacture increases the amount of bad cholesterol.

Besides him, there are a number of harmful products, this, french fries, chips, store juice and Coca-Cola, as well as others.

However, there are some foods that should be consumed every day, because they contain all essential amino acids and vitamins, as well as they are able to improve the immune system.

These products include, apples, walnuts, honey and milk products.

As for apples, scientists long ago proved that this fruit is not only a favorable effect on the bowels and heart, and has rejuvenating properties.

Walnuts have a positive effect on the work of the brain and improve memory, and they are not interchangeable for those people who have thyroid problem exists.

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