Foods that Strengthen the Immune System

210920169Everyone wants to be healthy. Nobody wants to be sick. This is quite normal desire, but in the fall it is very difficult to do. There comes a cold snap, and the body has no time to adapt. In addition, as people often do not dress for the weather. The first rain and wet feet – make themselves felt.

But be that as it was not necessary to confront the disease. For this you need to eat right. If the body is strong enough, it can cope with any virus or bacterium.

So, what products should be given priority?

1. Beef. The beef contains a trace mineral important for the body as iron and zinc. With their help the body better cope with alien microorganisms. Eat beef needs at least once a day.
2. Pumpkin. The pumpkin contains a lot of keratin. As is known, in the body it is converted into vitamin A. It can help you fight the flu easier. We need to eat not only the flesh but also seeds.
3. Pods. The beans also contain a lot of iron, zinc and B vitamins

In short, eat healthy foods and not get sick!

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