Foods to Eat With Flu

22101614As a rule, the autumn-winter period is accompanied by colds and flu.

To avoid this you need to constantly strengthen their immune system, but if you’re still sick, the doctors recommend to change your diet.

It is necessary to include in the menu are foods that help fight infection. For example, garlic, which is a natural antiseptic, so it is necessary not only to use on a daily basis, but also expanded into the room where the patient is.

The wild rose contains a lot of vitamins, but it is especially rich in vitamin C, to help improve the metabolism, as well as removed from the body toxins.

To enrich the body with calcium and protein should be included in your diet dairy products, and a glass of warm milk with honey, not only helps to get rid of a sore throat, but also acts as a sedative.

Also, during this period, it is impossible to do without meat, in this case, preference should be given to poultry meat not fat varieties.

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