Fractional Power is Good for Health

11111615I’m sure many have heard that it is best not to eat three times a day, as was the custom, and at least 5 times, at the same time, portions should be small.

Such a power does not allow to overeat, because in a short period of time between meals, do not have time to experience the feeling of hunger. In addition to the stomach does not have to spend a lot of energy for processing large quantities of food. Especially such a regime must be observed to the people who adhere to dietary and include in your diet low-calorie foods.

During breakfast is best to eat porridge, cooked in water, and it is better if it is buckwheat or oats. Between breakfast and lunch must eat, using the vegetables or fruit, giving preference to bananas, because they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber, which gives satiety.

At the dinner table, it is desirable the presence of light soups, made with low-fat varieties of meat, fish or vegetables, but in the afternoon you can drink kefir or yogurt, and they should not be sweet.

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