Frequent sex is good for health

2908164Having sex – is a natural process. In addition to the emotional pleasure, it has great benefits throughout the body and is a major key to successful family relationships.

Recent research scientists from the University of Florida show that regular intimacy in marriage is one of the key pledges of his safety and happiness. The more the couple engaged in sex, the more positive memories and associations arises from them about each other.

For example, 215 newlyweds who had participated in this study failed to prove this hypothesis in practice. Young couples were shown various words at a time, and their task was to press one of two buttons. So they had to determine which association they have is the word – positive or negative. As a result, the partners who have sex more often, have more positive associations with each other. Therefore, if you want to keep your family and create a happy family relationships, be sure to use this recommendation into practice.

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