From What Rice More Uses

091116115In some Asian countries, dishes made from rice, considered national.

That only is one pilaf, which is popular not only the residents of Central Asia, but also in many countries. The same can be said about Japanese cuisine, sushi, which are prepared with rice and fish, can be ordered in almost any European restaurant.

Usually we used to buy white rice round or oval, but it turns out it is not only different varieties, but also a different color. What are the most useful.

Most experts say that the brown rice, because of phosphorus and magnesium, as well as B vitamins, it not only cleanses the body of toxins, but also gives it energy and strength. It is especially useful to those who lead an active lifestyle and sports.

Those wishing to lose weight will help the rice diet, which is now offered by many online publications.

As for white rice, the amount of nutrients it is much less, and it is able to raise the level of blood sugar.

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