FYI Baths or Saunas

20101616Since ancient times, people used to go to the bath, where there is not only a process of washing, but also the strengthening of the whole organism.

No wonder during a cold, when there is no heat, even a one-time visit to the sauna will help you quickly recover.

Despite the fact that almost every apartment has a bathroom, people with great pleasure visit bath or sauna. But, in order to avoid unforeseen situations, it is necessary to observe some rules, one of which is not to visit these places alone. The fact that the steam room is fairly high temperature, from which can make your head spin, especially if you are an avid bathers.

Doctors do not recommend to immediately after the pair jump into the pool or pour cold water, because, due to a sharp drop, it may be a heart attack.
In no case do not drink alcoholic beverages while in the bath, and while in the steam room, it is necessary to use special caps that do not harm your hair.
If you decide to bring your child, consult your child’s doctor, and remember that you are responsible for it.

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