Garlic is a Preventive Measure Against Cancer

24101614As everyone knows, the garlic is mainly consumed in case of colds and infectious diseases, as it is a natural antibiotic.

However, as we found out the Chinese scientist, this vegetable has more healing properties, so it prevents the emergence of cancer.

After studies in which more than 5,000 people took part, it was reported that those who at least twice a week eating garlic, the risk of lung cancer was reduced by 50%. In addition, testing has shown that consuming garlic as a preventive measure, you can reduce the risk of oncological diseases of the intestine.

The only thing that scientists would like to point out that such an effective component can be achieved by the use of fresh garlic, without any heat treatment. Therefore, include in your diet, this vegetable, and not worth paying attention to the fact that it has a specific smell, because, health is more expensive, especially now that there are many different means of neutralizing odors.

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