Geranium in House

2309201610At present, many women grow flowers on the window sills. Now you can buy orchids, violets, rubber plants. In short, everything that your heart desires. All colors are very beautiful. But no one thinks they are beneficial to health.

Most likely, it is now almost no one remembers such plants, like geraniums. In the past they have always grown from our grandmothers house. But all the changes in the world. Even the colors have different preference. Of course, this is nothing. This plant should grow in every home. All due to the fact that it brings a lot of benefit.

Geranium has a very peculiar smell. With this fragrance, the plant has medicinal properties. Geranium can help to cope with insomnia, hypertension, depression. After a hard day it can regain strength.

The plant contains essential oils that may have prevention and treatment of colds. People whose houses have geraniums, sick half.

Often Geranium leaves are used for compresses for pain and pharyngitis.

In other words, buy a geranium and be healthy!

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