Getting Rid of Autumn Depression

29101611Although autumn and delights us with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, many people at this time, there has been decline in activity, poor health, and sometimes depression occurs.

This is not surprising, because the day is getting shorter, outside cloudy and all of these features contribute to the discouragement.

However, there are some useful tips to improve your mood and avoid such bad condition.

First, replenish your body with vitamins, which can be obtained not only from the fruit and vegetable diet, but by eating other foods that contribute to lighten the mood. For example, durum cheese, chocolate, only black is desired, as well as exotic products such as dates and figs. From drinks to prefer herbal teas.

Also, special attention should be given to sports, but at the same time, avoid heavy loads on the body. In all of this, you need a healthy, deep sleep, which should continue for at least 8 hours, so the evenings give up late watching TV and did not linger long in front of computer.