Getting Rid of Blackheads

2508201614Every woman aspires to achieve ideal skin condition. To this end, women are willing to perform thousands of procedures at the same time. However, there are some problems that deal is not so simple. It’s about the black spots. Most often they occur in girls with oily skin type. Many women hide dark spots, thanks to the excellent camouflage (eg, foundation).

Causes of blackheads: improper care, adverse environmental conditions, genetic predisposition and allergies.

However, you should always deal with the problem, not hide it. So, what to do to get rid of blackheads?

1. Lotion. It is important to choose a lotion without alcohol. Cosmetic should match your skin type.
2. Moisturizing Cream. Regularly use a moisturizing cream. From powder and tonal tool use should be abandoned, as they further clog pores.
3. Medicines. All drugs to combat black spots, you need to use only after consulting your doctor.

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