Going to Sleep Late, You do Not Give Your Body a Rest

18101616On the work of the body, plays an important role good night’s sleep, the duration of which in an adult should be about 8 hours.

Lack of sleep, as well, and a long sleep has a negative effect on health.

If, as a result of lack of sleep, the body does not have time for a short period of time to recuperate, which was spent during the day, the feeling of fatigue and irritability, as well as give rise to diseases in the nervous system.

According to the doctors, go to sleep should be no later than 9 pm. Those who prefer to sleep in later hours, then over time they develop chronic fatigue.

Also, it is not recommended to sleep in the afternoon, because the benefits of this will be a bit of sleep, but the extra weight you will certainly appear.

To sleep at night was tough, you must turn off all appliances, such as computers, smart phones and even television, as they emit dangerous waves.

Make it a habit before bedtime ventilate the room in order to enrich it with oxygen.

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