Good Folk Remedy Against Colds

20101617With the onset of autumn frosts there is a great risk of getting colds, because our bodies have not adapted to the change in the weather.

Furthermore, in this season of the year, there are usually various viral diseases. To avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to raise the immune system, which include in your diet for more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and amino acids.

However, if you still have not managed to avoid a cold or you have the first symptoms of influenza disease, but medicines that can be purchased at any pharmacy, there are some folk remedies by which to resist disease.

On one of these home medications that effectively helps to fight pathogens, we’ll tell. So, 2 lemon and ginger 50 grams of mince, to the resulting mass add 2 tablespoons of honey, and then thoroughly mix, put into a sterilized jar. and store in a cool place. Simply add 2 teaspoons of this tasty medication and drinking warm tea after a meal, so that the body received the necessary protective response capable to resist colds.

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