Goodbye Illusions

050920164Every woman should learn to grow up. In 30 years, you can not behave like a 18 girl. If you continue to behave like a small child, it could end in tears. Growing up is not desirable, but that can not run away or hide. So, what you need to say goodbye illusions in 30 years ?!

1. Parents. You do not need a lifetime to count on parents. It is necessary to rely only on themselves. In adulthood, you must be a support to them, and not vice versa.
2. Plans. If there is something you want to achieve in life and making plans, it is time to implement them.
3 Things. If you wear pants in the tenth grade, you do not need to wear them in 30 years. It makes no sense to return permanently to his childhood. Each age has its undeniable advantages.
4. Solution. No need to sit back, while behind you someone will solve your problems. Proceed and decide for yourself.
5. Credit. Stop to take the credit. Maybe this is the reason for the lack of money ?!
6. Purpose. If you set a goal, you start to go to her today, not tomorrow.
7. Happiness. You can not sit and wait for happiness, we must seek the most to him.

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