Green Tea is More Useful than Coffee

2910164Waking up in the morning, of course I want to cheer up, for which we usually drink tea or coffee, but this is not worth doing, especially on an empty stomach, as scientists long ago proved that a glass of pure water, drunk on an empty stomach, will bring much more benefit.

However, after a meal, preferably immediately, but after half an hour, you can treat yourself to a warm drink, and the question arises, what is better. Scientists from Japan, where there is a high level of life, assure that only the green hour can promote longevity.

In addition this drink has a positive effect on the heart, preventing the occurrence of heart attacks. Also, the green hour protects the body from the appearance of cancer. Even arriving at the beach, when the excess UV rays falling on the skin, can cause sunburn and many other skin diseases, a cup of green tea is able to protect you.

For those people who are watching their figure, this drink should be consumed on a daily basis, and on a few times, as it helps cleanse the body.