Greenery Improves Heart and Prevent Diabetes

12101614Everyone knows that the valuable work of our body, it is necessary to consume daily fruits and vegetables that fill up his required amount of vitamins and minerals.

But not unimportant role in the diet plays greens, such as lettuce, parsley, fennel and cabbage of different grades. The fact that they contain chemical nitrates, which improve the blood.

In order, there was no risk of clots or blood clots in the vessels should daily include in your diet the green leaves which can thin the blood.

These chemicals promote transformation nitrates white fat cells are harmful for our organism, brown, which favorably affect the entire circulatory system, and also prevents the possibility of diabetes.

As a result of research, scientists have concluded that a person is able to self-regulate the thickness of his blood, and without the use of medicines, the acquisition of which financial expenses are required.

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