Habits of Slim Women

200920166Slender women are always the envy of fatties. Obese women, it seems that slender women know some secrets that allow you to stay in good shape. In fact, there are no secrets. We need some things to enter into a habit, and very soon the weight will come back to normal.

1. Water. Every day you need to drink enough water. Morning also need to start with a glass of water.
2. Nutrition. Eat need a little, but often. You do not need to overeat, but also hungry to be not worth it. Eat about 5 times a day – this is quite normal.
3. Breakfast. In no case can not ignore breakfast. B is needed to run the system and provide a boost of energy.
4. Sweets. Stop constantly eat sweets. It is better to give up sweet tea and eat an apple.
5. Evening meal. You never need to carry a dinner for the evening. Dining should be around 14.00. After six best abandon any meal.
6. Evening. Do not just come in the evening to the refrigerator. This will be another opportunity to look into it and eat something delicious.

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