Habits that are not Compatible with Beauty

020920163All women of the planet tend to be beautiful. For this they are willing to spend crazy amounts of money and spend endless amounts of time in the bathroom. It seems that they are obsessed. Although, if you think a woman wants to be attractive not always for fun. Women want to seduce and attract men.

Yes, women are always trying to look delicious, but in the second permit very stupid mistakes. It is worth noting that there are habits that are not aligned with the beauty.

1. Facial expressions. A woman should always watch your facial expressions. Less frown and laugh.
2. Person. Women have a bad habit – to touch the face with his hands. Remember, you should not do. In the hands can be microbes that we are now taking to the face.
3. Acne. Most women squeeze pimples. Now you can find a lot of information about what you can not do. However, the advice of no one listens.
4. Lips. Do not bite the lips should be, even if you are angry. Remember that the bitten lips look unattractive, and then another lipstick bad falls.
5. Sit cross-legged. This habit can cause disease – varicose veins.

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