Habits that Have a Bad Effect on the Condition of the Skin

All women are taking care of the skin condition without exception. Sometimes age even washes to be too young.

Everyone knows that the condition of the skin can determine the age of a woman. To prevent this, millions of women around the world are trying to keep their youth as long as possible.

But not always everything turns out as you want. At first everything goes according to plan, and then one awkward step – and all in vain.

What mistakes women make to care for their skin?

1. Makeup. Every woman with makeup wants to give herself more charm. Nobody forbids to be painted. Just never leave decorative make-up on your face for the night. This is one of the most blatant mistakes.
2. Caffeine. Do not drink a lot of coffee. This is the drink that does not have the best effect on the skin condition. Coffee promotes fluid retention in the body, and this can cause swelling.
3. Few movements. If a woman moves little, then this is bad for her skin condition. Movement helps maintain skin tone.

Be real beauties!

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