Habits that Make Women More Slender

110920169Who does not dream of the women about ideal forms? Of course, such a find. To be slim and beautiful, you should always perform 10 simple habits.

1. Awakening. It is important to wake up slowly and smoothly. Do not make sudden movements in the morning.
2. Fish. It is important to regularly eat seafood. Do not forget about the cereal.
3. Beverages. Stop using the cream and sodas.
4. Apples. Every woman should eat one apple a day. Apples contain pectin, which improves bowel.
5. First courses. For lunch, you should always eat first courses. Remember, first courses always contain fewer calories.
6. Break. If your work is connected with the computer, you need every 15-20 minutes, take a break.
7. Rest. Most have a rest and do what he likes.
8. Cooking. Learn how to cook for themselves. It will not only be good for your health, but also exciting.
9. Singing. More often sing songs. It promotes good mood and singing.
10. Walking. Most walk in the fresh air.

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