Habits that Old Woman

260920163Every woman wants to be forever young. To this end, women visit beauty salons and otherwise take care of themselves.

However, it happens that some of the habits of old women. Although the woman did not even notice it, and does not think about this issue. So what should you do to be beautiful?

1. Points from the sun. If you do not wear sunglasses, it is wrong. B via points can protect the delicate skin around the eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.
2. Gloves. In cold weather, you should always wear gloves. The wind and cold skin is always vulnerable.
3. Straw. Cocktails always need to drink through a straw. They prevent the formation of wrinkles.
4. Scrub. Clean skin needs. Just do not use too aggressive scrub it.
5. Facial expressions. If you do not watch the facial expressions, the wrinkles will not keep you waiting long.
6. Face. It is important never to touch the face with his hands. This is a bad habit that is all kinds of rashes on the face.

As you can see, many women want to be beautiful, and to perform such simple rules they can not afford. It would not have been difficult, but we must always strive for perfection.

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