Habits That we Mistakenly Think Useful

18101613Leading a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, working out, eating only healthy foods, suddenly wonder where there are certain diseases.

The fact is that there are generally accepted habits, which we adhere strictly to, considering their needs. But, as it turned out in fact, some of them are not any good, but on the contrary can harm our health.

One of them is a habit to use a multivitamin in a large amount, believing that because we will provide your body with nutrients, but, in fact, as a disadvantage, and excess of vitamins can lead to chronic diseases.

Many people believe that you need to cleen your teeth after every meal, but this is a misconception, as enough water, rinse, and clean them you need, morning and evening.

Recently, the view extends to reheat food in the microwave is harmful, but it is not because they are not irradiated with no radiation.

Those who are accustomed to sleep after a delicious dinner, thinking that his body gains strength, is wrong, since in addition to the extra kilograms or what good it does not work.

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