Hair Care in Winter

030920169Every woman who cares for her skin knows that winter and summer maintenance is very different. It is worth noting that this rule applies to the hair. Hair Care has its own nuances in different seasons. So, what women need to know that winter hair look luxurious?

1. Tips. The tips of the hair in the winter suffer much more than the summer. In this regard, they should be applied special oil that will nourish them.
2. Sun Protection. In winter, it is not necessary to use tools that protect your hair from the sun. The best way to nourish and moisturize the hair.
3. Additional care. Less use a hairdryer and ironing of winter. It’s a real stress on the hair.
4. Laminating. If the hair has become dull, it’s time to apply to the beauty salon to perform lamination hair. This is an expensive procedure, but it returns the hair shine.
5. Vitamins. It is important to nourish the hair is not only outside but inside. Eat well and eat more vitamins. You can always pick up a complex of vitamins and minerals in the pharmacy.

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