Harm of Potato Fries

050920168If people come to the coffee shop, then as a side dish he often bought fries. This dish is very popular in many countries around the world. Potatoes like both adults and children. Oh, it’s very tasty. However, few people know that French fries are not very useful for human health.

1. Fat. Fats that are used for cooking potato can cause diseases such as cancer and diabetes. In addition, bad fats clog blood vessels and clog arteries.
2. Carbohydrates. Potatoes, which eats human body converts into sugar. Do not be surprised if after a while the waist appear superfluous centimeters. You do not want this to happen? We ate potatoes – immediately to the gym.
3. Children. Children aged 3 to 5 years old can not eat potatoes. It is believed that potatoes contain a carcinogen called acrylamide. It is extremely dangerous to health, especially children.

As you can see, that is tasty is not always useful. Prefer healthy food for good health.

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