Harm of Semolina Porridge

As a child, small children are fed semolina porridge. This product contains many useful substances that give the child strength and growth. However, do not forget that each product can not only have useful properties. Let’s find out about the harm of semolina porridge for the human body.

1. Weight. If you cook semolina porridge on milk with the addition of sugar and oil, you will get a very high-calorie product. Such a mess should not be eaten by a person with excessive body weight.
2. Constipation. Since there is practically no fiber in the cereal, regular use of it can lead to the development of constipation. In this case, it is best to alternate semolina with buckwheat and oatmeal.
3. Diabetes. In such a dangerous disease as diabetes, semolina porridge should not be used for food. Some experts argue that excessive consumption of semolina in childhood can lead to this disease.

Finally I want to say that any product should be consumed in moderation. Only in this case there will never be health problems.

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