Harm of Strings

180920163At present, more and more women prefer to wear thongs. It should be noted that sometimes such panties are necessary. For example, a light chiffon skirt yl light trousers. But this is often the exception than the rule.

Young women are increasingly wearing these pants in daily life. They simply can not refuse them, although gynecologists about this sounding the alarm for years. This is due to the fact that this model panties – an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of microorganisms. A thin strip of panties is used as the vehicle. All bacteria from the anus can easily penetrate into the vagina. Besides, the thong is very irritating to the skin, which can cause haemorrhoids. Most often made of synthetic shear the tissue which is the greenhouse gas effect. The reason for this is the rash and itching. If you already choose this model panties, choose clothes from natural fabrics. At night, wear the usual shorts.

Lovely women, we should not blindly follow fashion. It is best to wear comfortable clothes, which will not bring harm.

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