Harmful Food – the Enemy of Female Figures

260920165Every woman wants to be like Sidney Crawford or Claudia Schiffer. It is women who have always been present standard of beauty. They have everything perfect: the shape, proportions, facial features.

How do you want to have the parameters of the known models. Only this job is not under force to some women. It would not have tried to women lose weight and still does not work. What is the reason? What is the problem?

It is worth noting that women in the diet did not reduce the portion of food. Undoubtedly, it is possible to eat useful purged, but in large numbers, and this is wrong. In the measure is necessary. In addition, the main essence of weight loss – to spend more calories than you receive. In fact, all elementary simple.

But in addition to large portions, there is another huge problem. If the woman and refused to sweet and starchy foods, from the salad with mayonnaise is very difficult to refuse. In addition, often included in the salad ingredients, which are better not to mix with each other. In general, a salad with mayonnaise – it’s a hell of a mix. It is necessary to refuse from them in the first place, even when you are not sitting on a diet.

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