Harmful Habits for Women’s Health

If it comes to beauty, then women rarely think about their health. The thing is that women think very ambiguously – beauty first.

First of all, they are not understood by men. For him, the most important practicality and convenience, and everything else – then.

So, what bad habits can women have?

1. High heel. All women wear high-heeled shoes. They are grateful that this adds elegance and beauty to the gait. Maybe this is so. But no one says that such shoes lead to numerous problems with the back and varicose veins.
2. Heavy bags. How you want, take more shopping. Only a few people think that all this must be brought home. Heavy bags cause pain in the back and neck.
3. Cosmetics. If you go to bed with make-up on your face, that’s a huge mistake. It is necessary to understand and be aware that this leads to premature aging and clogging of the pores.

Lovely our women, take care of yourself. Always remember that you are a woman.

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