Harmful or Helpful Naps

1110161For a long time scientists from different countries express their opinion on the benefit or harm of daytime sleep. Some of them argue that the daily lunch sleep is good for health, especially for those people who have problems of heart disease. Other scientists, prove the opposite, arguing that the lovers sleep in the daytime, especially in the elderly, often there is the risk of a heart attack.

Following these findings, the British scientists have come to an optimal conclusion that it is best to go to bed after dinner should not be every day, but enough 2-3 times a week. In this case the duration of daytime sleep should not exceed 2 hours, because as long afternoon nap can trigger the occurrence of headaches, as well as the deterioration of the general state of health. It was noted that the lovers sleep during the day, it is very difficult to fall asleep at night and not sleep the night, which subsequently affected the performance throughout the day.

In spite of everything, every human body is unique, and if you want to sleep much during the day, then, if possible, do not deny yourself in such a pleasure.

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